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Nexus Wound Consultants (NWC) is a premier provider of high-quality healthcare services for hospices, skilled nursing facilities, and patients requiring in-home care or concierge medicine. At NWC, our primary mission is to provide exceptional care and treatment even when travel is difficult. With us, quality healthcare is never out of your reach.

Our commitment to delivering the best care possible for our patients is evident in the metrics of facilities under NWC directorship which outperform national averages for quality.

Under the direction of NWC, our facility partner now boasts a 5-star quality rating score meeting 18 out of 21 quality measures (specifically in regard to short stay quality measures).

Nexus doctor with senior patient

This Skilled Nursing Facility outperforms both state and national averages in several key measures, including: low rates of new antipsychotic medication usage, lower percentages of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries that are new or worsened, a high percentage of residents who improve their mobility, an exceptional rate of flu and pneumonia vaccinations, perfect scores for medication review and functional ability assessment, and low rates of major injury falls.

This facility now stands out with high scores for self-care and mobility at discharge, improved resident mobility, successful returns to home or community, low rates of preventable hospital readmissions, low infection rates, and an outstanding Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary ratio.

As a prospective patient or facility, choosing NWC means choosing a higher standard. Nexus Wound Consultants is dedicated to comprehensive, exceptional, and personalized care with a holistic approach. Our measurable success, as seen at facilities like River Hills, is a testament to our commitment to quality care, faster recovery, improved health and satisfaction.

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